Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar is the Managing Director and CEO of Nido, a chain of retail and home stores in New Zealand. He established his first retail business with Mitre 10 in Henderson, Aukland in 1989. Mr Kumar won in several categories of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, including the ‘Supreme Business of the Year Award’. He was also voted twice ‘New Zealand Retailer of the Year.’ He currently resides in Auckland.

It gives us immense pleasure to write on an auspicious occasion on the 70th Birthday of our Prime Minister of Bharat Shri Narendra Modi. Being from New Zealand, it is a great pleasure for all Hindu people from all over the world now to raise the head and be proud of the country we belong to. A leader who is now recognised as the best leader of the world to teach the best way of life and promoting our rich culture and perfect teachings such as meditation and yoga. Today, if any country that can bring peace to the world will be no other but our Bharat. We are all proud of you. We admire your simple and basic vision to help the people from the root cause of issues. You have changed the lives of millions of people by providing them basics such as toilets, water, roading and cutting middle traders to lower the cost of living.  Making housing affordable and the list goes on. This in turn is returning productivity and making life easier to live. From business point of view, it is now easy to do business with Bharat. We will not be doing justice by saying thanks to you and no one is in the league to do so. We pray and urge our Lord Shri Krishna to give you fantastic health and strength to elevate the country to the level it was. 

Jai Shri Krishna.





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