Celebrating the 70th Birth Anniversary of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

On the 70th birthday of Shri Narendra Modi, this curated compendium of articles and wishes from other notable personalities celebrate the man, the visionary, the leader and the yogi that constitute this enormous personality. The authors and well wishers have each left their mark in their chosen field of expertise, and recount their experiences with, and perceptions of, Shri Narendra Modi.

The Man

An individual born to lead billions

From humble beginnings in Sanand, Gujarat, emerged the phenomenon that leads India into its position of glory on the world stage. Eminent authors recount their experiences with Shri Narendra Modi that exemplify the various facets of his great personality.

Recount the leader’s journey to greatness with some rare photographs.

The Leader

The one who leaders follow

Stalwarts from various walks of life – individuals others look up to – emulate this great man. Presenting some photographs from the personal collections of eminent personalities as they narrate their interactions with the leader.


R.C. Bhargava

Modiji is a person of so many dimensions, and of such unexpected qualities and depth that he always surprises everyone.”

Sunil Gavaskar

“What comes through after meeting him is his simplicity and his human touch, his energy and his fierce desire to help the poor and the needy.

Lata Mangeshkar

“…the respect and love that the whole world is showering on India is a reflection of the global reach and efforts that Narendra Bhai has made in taking the message of India to whole world.”