Taramati Matiwade

Taramati Matiwade is an Indian Yachtswoman who has held top ranks in Yachting across the globe, and has been ranked as No. 1 in Asia. She is also a philanthropist and works for women’s empowerment.

As an athlete , It has been a privilege and honor to represent my country and also experience the changing and positive scenario under your leadership in recent years, towards bringing sports like Yachting and Sailing into the mainstream priority . 

For more than a  decade I have strived to suggest conducive changes to the sporting ecosystem in collaboration with the government offering good receptivity, hoping to implement solutions for the betterment of the sport . Not all changes can be brought about in the same style and I look forward to continuing these endeavors, under your leadership and raising the areas of support needed further for your attention. 

Since 2014, it has been inspirational to witness your way of leading the country and I see a strong ray of hope for much needed initiatives to be implemented with a time bound process, so as to result in India becoming a great sporting nation. 

 As an active Sportswomen, I feel empowered to be Asia’s number 1 position in Yachting and world number 12 , with competition from countrys like China to challenge me from putting India on the world map, as the best in the sport. 

As I prepare for Olympics next yearIt is my dream to achieve glory and the Gold for my country and send a strong message to this adversary country, that any challenge to India , whether on the borders or Sport , would see them face only defeat. 

As the sport of Sailing / Yachting has been predominant in India with athletes from the armed forces, it has been a excellent experience for me to steer achievements for athletes at the world level, from  civilian  backgrounds in the country including myself. 

Under your leadership , I look forward to great initiatives in such water sports  to create good infrastructure and make it accessible to the high level of talent , which we have in the country. 

 Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday.’’ Prayers to the Universe for your long and Healthy life, so the country can be ready for your third term as our beloved Prime Minister.  

Inch & Inch Makes a Mile. Every  challenge needs skills to reach the destination. Let’s walk a few more miles together  towards the nations Development.  

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