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Ravi Kumar is a thinker, author, motivational speaker and social worker. He has lived in HongKong, Bangkok and Sydney for 36 years and travelled to 45 countries Sewa International work, blood donation drives, Lord Buddha Exhibitions, Workshops on Vedic Mathematics and Yoga. He has conducted more than 200 Yoga camps, 200 youth motivational camps and has conducted over 500 workshops on Vedic Mathematics at many prestigious universities across the world.

International Diplomacy of PM Modi  

Civilizations that aspired for world supremacy like the Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman Turk, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Russian, American and Chinese used Big Stick diplomacy or Dollar diplomacy. But Bharat alone for several millennia used Moral Diplomacy to influence other civilizations. Bharat alone has all the ingredients for Vishwa Guru. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mastered the ancient Indian art of winning people’s heart across continents. Mutually warring nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran, Palestine and Israel and also the USA and Russia have welcomed PM Modi to their countries. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the bar on India’s international image. 

Modi is respected all over the world. He has received honors of the highest order from several countries. Recently despite the surgical strikes in Pakistan, after air strikes inside Pakistan at Balakot, after legally banning of Triple Talaq and after scrapping of article 370 in Kashmir, Islamic countries still continue to support India. Pakistan could muster the support of only China, Turkey and Malaysia to oppose Bharat. Pakistan has been virtually isolated. This is the true International diplomacy of PM Modi. Results speak for themselves. 

PM Modi is the first Prime Minister who has been criticized for working hard. Narendra Modi is the first Indian PM to visit Israel, Palestine and Mongolia. He is also the first Indian PM to visit – Australia in the last 28 years, Canada in 42 years, Fiji in 33 years, Ireland in 60 years, Mauritius in 30 years, Nepal in 17 years, Seychelles in 33 years, Spain in 25 years, Sri Lanka in 30 years, UAE in 34 years and UK in 10 years. He visited these countries solely because India had strategic interests with these nations; yet was not engaging with them sufficiently enough to expand its trade & influences. His proposal to make June 21 as the International Yoga Day at United Nations General Assembly in 2014 was approved by 177 co-sponsoring countries out of 193. 

World Leaders Praise PM Narendra Modi 

Modi has fostered excellent relations with all Arab countries. He has received the highest Awards from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Palestine; He has also received prestigious awards from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Maldives. He received UN’s Champion of Earth Award, Russian Award, ‘Global Goalkeeper Award’ from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Seoul Peace Prize. In his humbleness, PM Modi has dedicated all these awards and accolades to 1.3 billion Bharatiyas. US President Donald Trump during his Presidential elections in 2016, said, “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar”, adopting the Indian phrase that brought victory to PM Modi. 

As India jumped 23 ranks on Ease of Doing Business index in 2018, World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim said that India’s jump in ‘Doing Business’ was remarkable and was due to the “unwavering commitment” of Modi. Earlier in 2015, he phoned Modi and said the world needed “more leaders like you”. John Chambers, a former executive chairman and CEO of CISCO systems told in 2018, “He (Modi) is courageous. He wakes up every day thinking about the country’s future”. 

“I’m deeply appreciative of Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to Digital India…for India to keep making progress, India needs to be a leader online.” So said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook in September, 2015. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corporation remarked in 2015 that, “India has world class entrepreneurs and human capital. The Prime Minister’s vision is spot on; he knows how tech is a powerful tool to enable human ingenuity.” 

India is fortunate to have a leader like Modi who has a clear vision for his country”, “We fully support India for permanent UNSC seat.” remarked British Prime Minister David Cameron when PM Narendra Modi visited United Kingdom in November 2015. During the visit, Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to address the British Parliament and meet Queen Elizabeth II. 

PM Modi gives bear hugs to foreign leaders – on his visit to Japan he gave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a manly embrace. Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister received at least three hugs from Mr. Modi. PM Abbott gifted a ‘Nehru jacket’ made of Australian wool to PM Modi who in return presented him a copy of the Bhagvad Gita. 

He was also declared the winner of the Time magazine reader’s poll for Person of the Year in 2014 and 2016 and appeared on its cover in March 2012. Modi was ranked 5th on Fortune Magazine’s first annual list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders” in 2015. In 2018 Mod ji was the 3rd most followed head of the state on Twitter. In 2016, a wax statue of Modi ji was unveiled at Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, London. Narendra Modi presently is the most popular world leader on Facebook, with more than 44.7 million likes. US president Donald Trump is the second most popular world leader on Facebook, with more than 26 million likes. 

In the concluding remark I would say to all those who crack jokes and troll PM Modi, that our constitution gives you the freedom to say Einstein is a fool. But pause and think, does that make Einstein truly a Fool!! 

Crores of Indians want to see Bharat as Vishwa Guru by 2050 and Surely PM Modi will make it happen. 



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