Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini

Rajyogini Dadi Hirdaya Mohini ji, popularly known as Dadi Gulzar, is the Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris. She joined the Yagya (institution) at an age of 8, at its very beginning. Her long-term, concentrated training in spiritual principles and practice has made her a living example of virtues. Simple, silent and profound she also inspires millions throughout the world. She is currently living in Mumbai.

Mr. Narendra Modi has literally risen from the proverbial dust to the sky and his life has seen a very humble beginning and arduous growth through the formative years. Born in an ordinary household on September 17, 1950, Narendra Modi rose from the grass-root level of a hard-working family with scant resources and facilities. But it was determination and a matching diligent effort on the part of the boy Narendra that shaped him into a dynamic, decisive and development-oriented leader who has emerged as a new ray of hope for the dreams and aspirations of more than a billion Indians. 

 His focus on development, eye for detail and efforts to bring a qualitative difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor have made Narendra Modi a popular and respected leader across the length and breadth of India. His vision of future India and equally matching schemes for the poor people of our society, have not only trickled down to the bottom but have also brought a qualitative change in the lives of the millions of downtrodden people. Free LPG, free insurance, schemes in education and health of the girl child, infrastructure and digital transfer of subsidies into the accounts of the beneficiaries are just a proverbial tip of the developmental iceberg that has been taking a definite shape during the last 7 years of his Prime Ministerial tenure.  

Narendra Modi’s life has been a journey of courage, compassion and constant hard work. At a very young age he had decided to devote his life in the service of the people. He displayed his skills as a grass root level worker, an organiser and an administrator during his 13 year long stint as the Chief Minister of his home state of Gujarat, where he ushered a paradigm shift towards pro-people and pro-active good governance. The Gujarat model of growth and development not only drew international attention but it was quite pleasing that many countries and industrialists desired to have industrial contracts and business relations with the Gujarat government. 

 But Modi’s rise from the lowest rung to the highest has not been a cake walk. He has faced difficulties, problems and opposition at every step. But it has been his wisdom, real-life experience, sincerity, hard and honest work that ultimately led him from one success to the other and from one achievement to the other. His vision of a society and of a country, where the overall well being of the masses is the first and foremost priority, assured his achievements at the social, economic, cultural and political levels. 

In 1987 a different chapter began in the life of Mr. Modi when he started work as the General Secretary of the BJP in Gujarat. In his first task Mr. Modi won a victory for the BJP in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections for the first time ever. He also ensured that the BJP was a close second to the Congress in the 1990 Gujarat Assembly elections. In the 1995 Assembly elections Mr. Modi’s organizational skills ensured the BJP’s vote share increased and the party won 121 seats in the Assembly. This was the beginning of the BJP, rather Narendra Modi, coming to political power in the otherwise Congress dominated state. During his time as head of the Gujarat government, Modi established a formidable   reputation as an able administrator, who trusted results more than the plans and assurances, and he was given credit for the rapid growth of the state’s economy. And once the Modi rule was established in the state it has continued till Modi assumed the office of the Prime Minister of India. 

Narendra Modi’s path of creating a vibrant Gujarat as a shining example of development and governance did not come easy. It was a path littered with adversities and challenges. Through the last decade if there is one constant trait of Narendra Modi that has stood out, it is his Strong Leadership in the face of grave adversity. And this quality of his character and administrative working has been shining more at the national level and in his efforts of improving India’s international relations. 

It has been an elating experience for every Indian to see India rising in her international stature and the economy and administration gathering stronger roots under the stewardship of the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi. But Mr. Narendra Modi has been more serious about the social and spiritual growth and attainments of his people. In 2018, addressing a large gathering of the Brahma Kumaris he had expressed his keen desire to see every Indian inculcating the moral and social values that would bring peace, mutual love and respect, fellow feeling and humanity at the global level. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Modi’s vision of administration, cultural development, justice and human existence in this universe is the beacon light that can lead the whole world at the socio-cultural, economic and political levels in the present times of turbulence.  

Om Shanti! 



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