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Nilesh Ved is the Chairman of the Apparel Group – a Dubai based global fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate. He’s an award-winning corporate leader and the driving force behind the Group’s success story.

On the auspicious occasion of the milestone birthday of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, I would like to share my thoughts on the positive influence of his leadership on my life as an entrepreneur. I have always regarded him as an epitome of visionary thinking with an acute eye for detail.  

Narendra Modi’s evolution as one of India’s best-known leaders, recognized for his good governance over a span of a decade tells a story of grit, determination and strong leadership in the face of grave adversity.  

Throughout these transitioning years, his strong principles, combined with both purpose and passion makes him a classic trailblazer who aims for the stars while keeping his feet firmly on the ground. I am honoured to share some incidents and learnings that have left an indelible mark on me, like it has on so many around the world.  

One of his most successful habits that I always try to imbibe is to stay ahead of the learning curve at all times. P.M Modi was the first politician in adopting the latest technological and digital inventions, not just personally but as a governance model as well. It is no surprise then, that not just among his peers, but in in the larger society. Modi seized the potential of social media as not just a one-way broadcast medium but one which establishes a two-way digital connect of equals which gave birth to ‘Digital India’ a key signature initiative to usher in a governance model which was responsive, transparent and accountable.   

A recent event that made the Indian in me swell with pride is when PM Narendra Modi was conferred the highest civil award of the UAE ‘Order of Zayed’ in April 2019, for providing exceptional leadership in forging a new strategic relationship between India and UAE.  

I also applaud his ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ that has become a powerful people’s movement, strengthened by active participation from all walks of life. The active support of young India in making the nation clean is also heartening. It is no wonder that Mr. Modi is one of the greatest change makers that India has ever seen.   

For his pledge to eliminate all single-use plastics in India by 2022, PM Narendra Modi was conferred with the UNEP Champions of the Earth Award in September last year. This is a pledge that I firmly believe in and at Apparel Group, we practice every day in order to be more sustainable in our daily lives and eventually be the change we want to see.  

Quoting Mr. Modi’s own words from an interview to a media house in Delhi that inspired me a lot, ‘Everyone has the same capacity needed for the volume of the work. You keep accepting new challenges and your inner self will always back you. This is in-built.’   

India’s transformation is on a scale that is perhaps, unmatched in human history. PM Modi strives not just to touch lives, but change the way our nation will live in the coming years. His journey is not just one of many achievements but of struggles that he has overcome with a ‘can do’ attitude and extraordinary work ethics.  

This alone is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to succeed.   


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