Nanik Rupani

Nanik Rupani is an Indian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who is the Chairman of Roopmeck Electricals Pvt. Ltd. He is also the Chairman Emeritus of Priyadarshni Academy.

The rise of Narendra Modi on the Indian political horizon has indeed been meteoric and phenomenal to say the least! What is it that has contributed to his amazing popularity? 

If we look closely at his persona, we find here is a charismatic leader with vision and whose attributes include his ability to analyze political issues with clarity and to take tough decisions without shying away. 

His oratorical skills and his ability to identify with the dreams of the vast majority of India’s population is another reason why people of this country connect with him. 

The Indian populace gets the feeling that here is a leader at last, who will help them reach their goals of a new, resurgent India – one that is self reliant and on par with advanced nations of the world. 

Whether it is the confrontation in Kashmir or the aggressive stance of China on the Indian soil or the reckless adventurism of Pakistan, Narendra Modi has quickly adopted a tough stand and put these intrusions down with an iron hand giving the message to the world that no one can mess around with the country’s sovereignty. 

Coming to my personal experiences with him when he was CM of Gujarat, I recall the time when I had the pleasure of arranging a meeting between him and Suresh Kotak to clear a misunderstanding. He was a very gracious host and in no time the misunderstanding was cleared paving the way for reconciliation. 

Later, while organizing the Sindhi Sammelan I had met him again in Ahmedabad, along with a colleague Amar Dolatani and the meeting was very congenial. 

Besides this I had the privilege of meeting him a couple of times at the residence of L. K. Advani and the meetings were always very cordial. 

During all these meetings, I have found him to be a leader of great dignity and a nationalist at heart who believes in the great Indian dream and India’s potential to rise as a world power. 

Here is man who has dedicated his life to the nation and works tirelessly to see that India achieves the goals he has envisioned for it. 

The ideas of digitization, make in India and self-reliance are all the new age mantras that will ultimately propel our country to greater heights under his leadership. 

All the ministers in various ministries are on their toes, working round the clock to see that India reaches its target of becoming a $5 trillion economy in the near future. 

The youth of the country also find that after long last a leader has arrived to fulfil their dreams of a nation that moves fast towards aligning with the rest of the world. 

His initiatives towards Infrastructure and vision for a country that becomes Atmanirbhar lend credence to his nationalistic goals and patriotism. 

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, I pray that the Almighty give him good health and more power to accelerate the country towards a brighter future and greater glory! 

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