Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh, commonly known as the Flying Sikh, is an Indian track-and-field athlete who became the first Indian male to reach the final of an Olympic. He was honoured with the Padma Shri for his various achievements.

India is fortunate to have a leader like our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji who walks the talk. I am aware of his personal routine which includes daily Yoga which contributes towards his mental and physical fitness and its only when someone walks the talk, that they can make change happen. 

I recall reading his comments during the launch of a sports initiative in which he stated “Sports should be an integral part of our everyday life. Some people think that sports is important only for physical well-being, I feel sports is important for overall development of an individual. We are a large and diverse nation. Sports can be a great means of national integration. From sports, we learn sportsman spirit and that acts as a lubricant in our social life. More than winning, sports helps you learn to deal with defeats.” said PM Modi. 

I was delighted to read these comments from him and agree with him totally. Sport builds character and helps develop the Human Capital of a Nation.  A person learns how to handle adversity and yet succeed through perseverance. Sports teach an individual decision making and humility too. And if one just looks at the economic success of some of the most powerful and successful nations in the World, one can see that they have a strong sporting culture. And thanks to the efforts of PM Modi, sports consciousness is rising in India. And that will certainly lead to more effective and resilient Human Capital. 

PM Modi is a personality who has continued to deliver on ground whatever he is committing and I am pleased to see the positive efforts to address sports at the grassroots level and the competitive platforms being created. I am also happy to hear about the efforts to help talented sportsmen gear up to become Olympic winners. And I do hope that this pandemic will not derail the process. In fact, I would like to draw his attention to the fact that now, more than ever, sportsmen will need that support, especially in the absence of competitive platforms which enabled them earn their livelihoods. 

The world is grappling with this long drawn out pandemic. And India too. And while I’m sure that Modi Ji’s hands are full at the moment with a lot of pressing issues, I am still taking the liberty of drawing his attention to the need of a proactive plan to address the issues that will certainly arise for sportspeople due to this prolonged pandemic. Actually, I won’t be surprised if he has already done it. He has constantly demonstrated this proactive thinking. I know that he is aware of the fact that a sportsman gives his blood and sweat to bring laurels to our country. They are our ambassadors whenever they go out and represent India and they have to be given the best possible support to succeed. To make India Proud. Much like the proud Jawaans protecting our borders in difficult terrain and conditions. Whom our Prime Minister respects dearly. 

On behalf of the Milkha family, I would like to convey my greetings to Modi ji and wish him a very successful and bright future for India. May our Prime Minister remain healthy and blessed in his endeavour to make India Aatmanirbhar and prosperous. We wish Modi Ji a very Happy Birthday. God Bless him and India. 


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