Mayur Madhvani

Mayur Madhvani is an Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur, and industrialist. He is the Joint Managing Director of the Madhvani Group of Companies, headquartered in Kakira, Uganda.

Our warmest wishes and respects to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji on his 70th birthday.  May the Lord shower him with good health and the ability to continue to lead India in the right direction, particularly during these most difficult global times.   

This is a time of reflection for us all on the Right Honourable Prime Minister Modiji’s many achievements, from his early days of struggle to his huge popularity and international recognition as a true leader and now Prime Minister of India.  

Shri Narendraji has been a wonderful statesman and visionary and a true son of India.  His achievements in the political arena are indeed legendary and unique.  Under his leadership, our mother country India’s international image has dramatically improved and as a result, business avenues and international co-operation have opened up for India with the world at large, through positive achievement of bilateral co-cooperation. 

The Madhvani family was in touch with the Right Honourable Modiji for many years, particularly when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.  The growth and economic development of Gujarat under his leadership, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, industrialisation and alleviation of poverty, speaks volumes and has indeed become a show case for the rest of the country and the international community.  

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Modiji recently took time from his busy schedule to visit the East African region, and in particular Uganda where he met the leadership of the country as well as heads of businesses and where he was extremely well received.  Huge crowds from the Indian diaspora as well as the local Ugandan community gathered to greet him.  The Madhvani ‘Parivar’ were specially honoured to have a private audience with the Right Honourable Prime Minister Modiji and were able to renew their long family acquaintance.  This was the first time Shri Modiji and Mumtazji met, which he very graciously acknowledged. 

On this day 17th September 2020, we all celebrate an important milestone in the life of the Right Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji, and once again we wish him good health, a long and prosperous life and to continue leading our beloved country.  

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