Founder, Karnam Malleswari Foundation

Author is the Founder, Karnam Malleswari Foundation, established in the name of Karnam Malleswari, the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Olympics.

Having been India’s first woman Olympic medalist at Sydney 2000, I have never felt more pride than winning glory for my country in the field of Weightlifting and constantly striving for giving it back to the Sport and society,  to the best of my ability. 

In all these years during my active career in Sport and associations in this sector, it has been inspirational to witness one of the best governance processes being initiated and excellent policy making decisions, for supporting and promoting Sports and Athletes , under your able leadership.  

Such positive actions would surely lead to India becoming a Sporting Powerhouse , for the world to reckon with and realize the sporting dreams of a billion Indians. 

As Swami Vivekanand emphasized on the importance of strong and fit youth as the foundation for a rising nation like India, it has been highly motivational to see your emphasis on promoting Sports and Youth development activities with the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT. 

Glory in Sports makes a nation great and imbibing a fitness culture make it a young healthy country, which has been a strong reason of India’s recent success stories in the  in the global sporting arenas. 

The beautiful portrayal of YOGA across the world by you , as a trademark fitness emblem of India has been a remarkable initiative and vision for the image of India and displays the deep sense of health and wellness in our culture, for the world to acknowledge. 

The country has a huge and diverse talent pool for Sports in rural and far reach areas , which can lay a foundation for a nationwide grassroots development process for creating well mentored Olympians for India. The KHELO INDIA movement has been a historic step by your government towards this area. 

It would create a much needed Social Impact using Sports as a way to harness the raw talent and hone their skills by providing them requisite Infrastructure and comprehensive support and mentoring processes. 

At the country’s first weightlifting academy in Haryana which I have set up 3 years ago and collaborated recently with the Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs, I have envisioned this dream for India and look forward to realising the same , by grooming young champions and making them achieve Glory for India, at the Olympics. 

My focus is on also creating self reliant, confident , strong and well educated young female athletes , so as to contribute to the nations aim of Women Empowerment  

A very Happy  70th Birthday to you. 

My family and young students join me in wishing you a healthy , fit and energetic long life, so you can continue to lead us to achieving the nations dreams especially in Sports. 

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