Freddy Svane

His Excellency Freddy Svane is the current Ambassador of Denmark to India. He lives in New Delhi.

 On May 14th,  2011, I met  the  then Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, for the first time. My first impressions were mind-blowing. Modi-Ji appeared as a truly dedicated and visionary leader. A man who believed in his people and who defined his role to improve life for all Indians.

Despite  numerous  challenges, a different background, and not being a traditional Indian politician, Narendra Modi has paved his way as the chief Minister of Gujarat. The rest is history.

On August 15th, 2014, on Independence Day, Modi-Ji made his first speech as the Prime minister of India. The ramparts of the Red Fort were shivering as the Prime Minister spoke on topics like sanitation and open defecation. Shockwaves hit the audience. 

I attended this groundbreaking event and sensed a New India was in the making. 
A new India was born, as the Prime Minister launched Swachh Bharat - the first mission. 
From here a true leader emerged. India had a mission that mobilized its people. It was not about politics. Instead, it was about decency, human dignity, and respect for nature and our Mother Earth. 

This year India celebrates its 74th Day of Independence. Per usual, the Prime Minister raised daily life issues. Health and water were highlighted as core rights for all and as something that must be addressed. Something that for many is a given right, but something that millions still lack proper access to. Modi-ji consistently raises awareness on topics like these. He speaks for all and through his missions, the action is taken. That is leadership beyond politics. 

India is a genuine democracy and is deeply rooted in its own culture. India stands out with its size and every aspect of it has a scale. To steer such a diverse nation calls for constant mobilization and visionary leadership. Demographically, India is a young nation and its future depends on how India’s youth engage in this transformation. 

Narendra Modi has successfully branded himself as a modern political leader: domestically and internationally. Perhaps as the most proactive Indian politician, Modi-Ji has positioned India as a global leader, standing on its own national interests. If we want to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and respond to the changing climate, India needs to be part of the equation. Modi-Ji is preparing India and all Indians for this huge challenge through his missions. 

It is about accountability. 

Modi-Ji has transformed and is transforming India with the aim of improving the lives of over 1 billion people. New missions have been launched within health, access to tapped drinking water, electricity, education, financial services, etc. With #NewIndia, poverty will be eradicated, and people of all segments of the society will be empowered. A transformation of historic dimensions that will impact beyond India. 

Such transformation calls for genuine political leadership. That’s what PM Modi stands for and is dedicating all his life to. 

This is called Nation-building and is something I already saw back in May 2011. India is graced with a leader who puts his nation and his people at the center. India offers unlimited opportunities and challenges; The recipe for the #NewIndia is scale, skills and speed. 

We stand ready to cooperate and to secure a better future for all. What is good for India, is good for our Planet. 

I am honored to know the great transformer of India. 

Many sincere wishes for the future. Warmhearted congratulations to You, Mr. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, on your 70th anniversary. 

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