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Dr. Jagat Shah is based in Ahmedabad, India and is the Chairman and Managing Director of Global Network, an international trade advisory firm; Vibrant Markets, an international research agency; Mentor on Road, a Global not-for-profit mentoring project in 20 countries, and Smart Village program, a not-for-profit venture converting villages into smart village in 1000 days.

नेतृत्व करने वालों के शब्दकोशों में असम्भव शब्द नहीं होता । कितनी भी बड़ी चुनौती क्यों ना हो, मज़बूत इरादे और संकल्प से उन्हें सुलझाया जा सकता है I 

– Swami Vivekananda 

This thought by Swami Vivekananda aptly sums up the nature & character of YUGPURUSH, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. A Yugpurush is an iconic personality in a particular era. In my view, other two Yugpurush of this era are Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela.  

I recall my first meeting with PM Narendra bhai Modi in 1996 when he was in Delhi as the National Secretary of BJP party and given the charge of five major states in India – a rare distinction for a young leader. I was impressed by his clear cut thought process and views on challenges being faced by the country. My lesson was : VISION 

Thereafter I had the occasion to meet him several times as the Chief Minister of Gujarat state. His vision of Vibrant Gujarat, in 2003, as a vehicle of economic progress for Gujarat was a game changing initiative which till date is showing the path to Indian & overseas companies as a benchmark on investment & trade promotion. I was lucky to have been actively involved in all the editions of Vibrant Gujarat, as the trade & investment commissioner of Manitoba state, Canada. My lesson was : BENCHMARK  

One day, in 2005, I had an opportunity to listen to his thoughts on Yoga & institutions like Akshardham. I still recall his vision to take yoga as well as institutions like Akshardham at global platform. His constant perseverance, practice & promotion of his cause led to United Nations declaring 21 June as the international Yoga day. Similar is the story of Akshardham temple being in Abu Dhabi, a first for any religion in middle east region. If I have to narrate, how these came about, it will require writing an entire book J. My lesson was : GLOBAL OUTREACH 

I recall my numerous meetings with him as the then then Chief Minister of Gujarat, on partnership opportunities between India & Canada. He would always ask me, “Tell me what is best in Manitoba, and I would like to bring that to Gujarat”. He always wanted the best. Many small & large initiatives were launched by him between Canada & Gujarat. My lesson was : GO FOR THE BEST 

My most amazing experience was the five day tour with him in as the CM of Gujarat to China, in end of 2011. We were in Beijing for one day with a string of political meetings. In China, all meetings and protocol are decided by their top CPC leadership. For the first time, they organised meetings of a Chief Minister of a State with their top leadership, his welcome at the Great Hall of The People, where only heads of states are received, Special arrangements for reception, escort, banquets, visits, security and high level of meetings was a signal on the respect which the Chinese leaders had developed for him. He fought & appealed for the release of diamond merchants who were in jail in China. His articulation on the matter, with the Chinese leaders, is an example in diplomacy. My lesson was : STRENGTH BEGETS RESPECT    

Students of Indian origin came from distances of 1500 kms in China to meet him & asked him smart questions on politics, social & economic issues on China & India and he replied them at the level of their age, with amazing simplicity and at the same time talking of latest technologies being used by the youth, thereby making an instant connect with the youth. My lesson was : YOU ARE AS YOUNG AS YOU THINK 

Next two days we were in Shanghai, meeting Indian business community, who were in awe of him and also business summits for Vibrant Gujarat and with large Chinese investors and economic site visits. Next two days were in Chengdu, again with business summit and one to one meetings with Chinese businesses. We visited an area in outskirts of Chengdu which was impacted by earthquake and when the Chinese officials were explaining to him, about affordable housing in the earthquake hit area, he immediately grabbed a paper & pen and started asking them costing of each and every thing used in the construction. Later, he shared with us, that we should take some best practices on affordable housing to Gujarat & India. My lesson was : BE A LIFETIME STUDENT  

There are so many incidents of that China visit, like his comment that “Women were present in large numbers in every meeting we went to in China. We cannot build a strong India, without higher participation of Women in our workforce” etc. that it will need me to write a full book on that one day ! My lesson was : AN INCLUSIVE INDIA 

He has now shared his vision of taking India to a US$ 5 trillion economy and we can achieve this goal through innovation, ease of doing business & global market growth. No single person, can ever build a nation. We need a YUGPURUSH like Narendra Modi to show us the vision & the path, but It is the duty of each & every Indian to walk on the path, with energy & vigour.  

I take this chance to thank his Mother, Heeraben Modi, for giving us such a YUGPURUSH.  Wishing The MAN, The LEADER, The VISION, The YOGI, Narendra Modi a happy and memorable birthday, on 17th. September 2020. May he continue to show us the path towards progress & prosperity for nation building.  

देश प्रथम, वन्दे भारत 

When people throw stones at me, I make stairs out of those stones. I know what I have done, why I am doing it. I am not doing anything to get or be anything. It was my dream to serve Ma Bharti.  There would always be roadblocks. 

– Narendra Modi  

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