Devi Chitralekha

Devi Chitralekha ji is one of the Youngest Spiritual leader who has been traveling Inside and outside India. One and only object of her life is to spread the wave of “Radha Krisha” and “Hare Krisha Mahamantra” in the entire world till the end of her life.

Radhe Radhe,

I “Devi Chitraleka” Wishing our honourable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi ji a very Happy Birthday. Wish you all the good health and success in your pursuit of taking our nation to greater heights.

We have sincerely appreciated all your support, kindness, and encouragement over the years. Your rising from nowhere without any background to the highest elected post of democratic India itself explains your ability extraordinary skills and character.

You are the Great saviour of our country when chaos prevailed, you, is God sent emissary like Krishna established Dharma and righteousness.

We are in the middle of an extraordinary pandemic (Covid-19) but during these difficult times the government has done a great job for providing medical assistance to those who are getting infected, also the government’s decision to provide free ration to every poor family till October is a commendable decision which will help poor & migrants to have access to nutritious food during these difficult times.

Your slogan “good days are coming” have always shown us light and filled us with positivity. You have encouraged us to be brave and stand strong for our Nation.

The revolutionary “Beti Bachao,Beti  Padhao” Yojana has significantly helped  in improving Girl Child Sex Ratio in the Country  & also Improve the Girl Child Education.

Pradhan Mantri  Ujjwala yojana, A Nationwide scheme to provide free LPG Connection to Women below poverty line has helped them greatly & protected them from adverse impacts of using coal or wood for cooking, which poorly effects their Lungs & used to create breathing problems in the past.

The Triple Talaq Bill passed last year was a great step towards women empowerment. Our Muslim sisters now have more right & they are free marital exploitation.


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