Ashok Kapur

Ashok Kapur is the Founder and Group Chairman of Krishna Group of Companies.

“Any great leader of a nation must have three essential attributes: a vision, a mission and charisma. Prime Minister Modi has all of these in full measure. This is the reason for his immense popularity despite the country facing several severe crises like the corona pandemic, the shrinking economy, and the border conflict with China. The people of India trust him to do the best for them.  

Prime Minister Modi has the vision to transform India to make it a modern country and a superpower in the world. He has worked tirelessly to right the wrongs of the past and to raise the stature of India in the eyes of the world.  Prime Minister Modi has developed personal relationships with all critical world leaders. This has held India in good stead in times of crisis. Even countries that were inimical to Indian interests have been turned into friends. He has made clear to an aggressive Pakistan that they will pay the price for acts of terrorism against India. His vision of India is of a one India. The abrogation of Article 370, which meant the full integration of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh under the Constitution of India with no special privileges. To modernise India, he has relentlessly pushed for each Indian to have an identity and to use digital technology to the hilt.  

For realising his vision, he has worked with a mission approach. All that he does is well planned and connected, which may not seem at first glance. He introduced JAM (Jan Dhan, Aadhar and mobile). This gave connectivity and identity to everyone.  He envisaged if the poor in India are to progress, they must have bank accounts. He created a massive movement for creating bank accounts for the unbanked which ran into millions under the Jhan Dhan scheme. This now enabled him to do direct benefit transfers of government schemes into these bank accounts which earlier never reached the intended beneficiaries. This was also useful for the Affordable Housing Scheme in which technology is being used to make transfers as the house progressed. To stop the looting of the banks by corrupt bankers and crooked business people, he introduced banking reforms and the bankruptcy courts. It was clear to the ministers in his government and the bureaucracy that corruption will not be tolerated. His focus of all the myriad schemes of his government have been targeted for the poor and deprived. He invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of “wiping every tear from every eye” with that in mind, he has created a revolution in many sectors. 

His charisma comes from the fact that the common man identifies with him because of his humble beginnings. It is further enhanced by the fact that he has disengaged from all his family members and is not promoting any of their interests as is the wont of many politicians in India. He is the most hardworking Prime Minister India has ever seen, and people see him working for the country. This is a compelling message for Indians that he has no other interests except to serve the country. He’s truly a unique leader which India is fortunate to have in these trying times”. 

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